Build Your Skills in the qualified plan market

Get information and learn approved techniques from our team

As a financial advisor, helping your client choose a 401(k) plan will be one of your primary goals. However, helping them choose wisely can be challenging. FACTS, Inc. can help you learn more about 401(k) plans and show you new ways to help your client.

When you work with us, we will:

  • Tailor our work to your level of familiarity with 401(k) planning
  • Discuss your client's needs and the benefits plans that may suit them
  • Show you a variety of platforms and weigh their features and benefits
  • Talk through platform options, plan design and fees
  • Collaborate on analysis, planning and recommendation
  • Help you identify, prospect and close qualified plan business

Let one of our professionals be your "wingman"

We know what it is like to be an advisor. Our experienced professionals will help you explore various plan types, discuss your client's needs and help you serve your client in a manner that best fits your service model. To arrange for a meeting, call 765-401-0124 today.